Our Discovery could address other complexities of our World beyond the essential priority of establishing clean, reliable energy sources worldwide as we presented in the previous Section on Energy Innovations. This Section focuses on the merits of Water, specifically Ultra-Pure Polarized Water created through DiTetra Gas® infusion. One company licensed by WIT is AquaNew, L.L.C. located in Sarasota, Florida that produces and distributes Ultra-Pure Polarized Water throughout the United States under the brand of Watt-Ahh®, an AquaNew® Water ( WIT and AquaNew offer licensing opportunities for other companies that are interested in producing and distributing Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in international areas outside the United States, or producing health-related products using the Polarized Water as an ingredient.

Clean Water is critical for sustaining our collective wellbeing thereby supporting good hydration, metabolism and detoxification. Most diseases are water-borne and it is critical that water supplies do not become either contaminated or stagnant causing growth of harmful germs, molds and bacteria. Our Discovery energizes clean water that serves as a benign carrier of nutrients and promotes metabolism critical for the “fuel” of Life. A partial list of Potential Uses for both the DiTetra Gas® and DiTetra Gas®-infused Water is provided herein.

Potential Uses of DiTetra Gas® and DiTetra Gas®-infused (polarized) Water
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  • Electric Power Generation: Increased energy efficiency from fuel combustion; use of wood chips gassed with SG Gas for more efficient energy conversion to electricity
  • Metalworking including welding, soldering and fusing: Reduction of pollutants since combustion by-products are hydroxy materials and SG Gas converts back to water
  • Metal Extraction: Separation of metals and recovery of metals from industrial waste products
  • Concrete Products: Welding of metals to concrete; glazing surface of concrete for waterproofing
  • Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger: Unlocks intrinsic energy of materials including ceramics; lower energy consumption for heating
  • Coating and Heat Treating Activities: Oxidizes metal surfaces that protect against rust and corrosion (a form of anodization); after coating treatment with SG Gas, external surface of stainless steel also becomes magnetized
  • Engine, Turbine and Power Transmission: Increased transmission efficiency from fuel combustion; steam or air generated to drive turbines
  • Waste Management and Remediation Services: Conversion of solid waste into energy; efficient conversion of carbon that minimizes or eliminates greenhouse pollution effects; materials separation and recovery; cleanup of toxic sites
  • Uniform heating including cooking and grilling: Carbon-free and even heat source
  • Crematory Services: Efficient conversion of carbon
  • Reduction of Nuclear Waste ½ Life: Theoretical incineration of nuclear waste
  • Super Heated Steam: Efficient heating process for creating super heated steam for industrial uses


  • Storage and Transport of SG Gas: Sustains pressures above 1,000 psi
  • Respiratory Remediation:  Removal of inhaled carbon monoxide such as for firefighters
  • Medical Treatments: Reduction of heart palpitations


(within water or into other materials)
  • Crop Production: Increased plant growth; less accumulated scale in hydroponic garden containers
  • Animal Production: Improved quality of feed and water
  • Aquaculture: Improved water quality in aquariums and fish farming
  • Florist Products: Longer floral display and quality
  • Oil and Gas Extraction and Refinement: Separation from substrate such as tar sands
  • Water Systems including long-term water storage, municipal supplies and in-home water treatment units: Increased water purity; desalination of water; removal of algal growth
  • Steam, Air Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: More efficient energy exchange
  • Refrigeration Systems: Insulation with SG Gas that has lower freeze temperature than 0o C.
  • Food Manufacturing including health supplements: Enhanced flavor and shelf life; cleaning; disinfectant for food processing
  • Beverage Manufacturing: Enhanced flavor and shelf life
  • Bottled Water: Polarized water used for drinking and multiple other uses (Watt-Ahh® , an AquaNew® Water, WIT Technology licensed to AquaNew, L.L.C. in November 2007 to bottle and distribute bottled water worldwide;
  • Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing including asphalt paving Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing: Increased absorption and metabolism of medicines and nutrients including Vitamin C; natural carrier for drug delivery; IV fluids for hydration, saline delivery and dialysis; improved immune and lymphatic system functions; blood treatment to eradicate blood-borne diseases; chelation therapy
  • Skin Treatment Products including psoriasis
  • Wound Treatment Products: Faster and more complete healing of superficial and multi-layer wounds; wound irrigation sterilization agent; emersion tanks filled with Ultra-pure Polarized Water for pain relief for burn patients
  • Pain Relief Products: Faster pain relief from insect bites; reduced migraine frequency and intensity
  • Cholesterol Reduction Products: Blood tests of some people drinking Polarized Water show reduction in cholesterol levels
  • Detoxification Products: Faster removal of toxins including cancer chemotherapy toxins
  • Respiratory Relief: Use in humidifier to ease breathing
  • Arthritic Relief Products: Removal of free calcium in joints for less painful movement
  • Eye Relief Products: Reduction of irritable redness in eyes
  • Visual and Mental Clarity: Hydration of eye and brain
  • Paint, Coating and Adhesive Manufacturing including adhesive removal
  • Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing: Reduced carbon residue for color clarity
  • Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing: Reduced carbon residue for color clarity
  • Diamond Manufacturing and Remediation: Reduced impurities in diamonds
  • Battery Manufacturing: More efficient electrical conductance
  • Dental Care Products: Less plaque and staining on teeth
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies: Reduced use of emulsifiers; natural moisturizer agent; natural preservative that may replace paraben use in botanical cosmetics; enhances hair regrowth
  • Sports and Athletic Products: Improved hydration and energy
  • Maintenance of Golf Courses and Sport Fields: Increased turf growth and recovery
  • Diet and Weight Reducing Treatments: Increased level of metabolism
  • Candle Manufacturing: Reduced emission of smoke due to more efficient burn
  • Industrial and Commercial Scrubbers: Removal of particulates


  • Explosive Manufacturing including fireworks
  • Wildfire Control: Potential suppression of wildfires and building fires
  • Mold Manufacturing: Implosion of internal core
  • Military and Aerospace Use including propulsion units, bunker busters and counter-bioterrorism

Green Efficiency

(doing more with less)
  • Chemical Manufacturing: Decreased use of emulsifiers and surfactants
  • Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing: Acts as a non-toxic solvent carrier for medicine; reduces dosages of prescription medicines
  • Veterinary and Pet Services: Hydration and non-toxic solvent carrier of medicines
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer Application: Lower amounts of chemicals needed for effectiveness
  • Soap and Cleaning Compound Manufacturing: Decreased use of surfactants; Polarized Water serves as a degreaser reducing need for emulsifiers; disinfectant
  • Cleaning Treatments, Car Washes, Laundry Services and Carpet Cleaning: Decreased use of surfactants for removal of stains and body oils; mixing Polarized Water with stain removal solutions enhances complete removal of stains on clothes
  • Moisturizer and Lotion Products: Faster absorption into the skin; less product needs to be used
  • Swimming Pool, Spas, Waterfalls, Fountains, Water Amusement Parks, and other water features: Reduced the use of chemicals; anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Other Properties: Hypo-allergenic, natural antibiotic, natural disinfectant; smaller “polarized” water cluster for faster permeation into cells, neutralization of free radicals, powerful chelating agent