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WIT Technology applies a patented electromagnetic process that causes fundamental molecular changes in water (polarization through the enrichment of electrons). The novel process allows the creation of new or improved products with properties and characteristics not ever seen before in today's World. These products and services affect the most basic needs of mankind toward better health, more efficient energy and a cleaner environment.

WIT® Machines convert liquid water into the high-energy gaseous form of water using a unique electromagnetic process. The resulting product is Dioxytetrahydride Gas or the U.S. registered Trademark of "DiTetra Gas®", a stable molecule (two co-valent bonded oxygen and four hydrogen). We consider Dioxytetrahydride Gas as being the Fifth State of Water, an active or plasma-like form of water. The gas is also known as either SG Gas or Suratt/Gourley Gas.

When the DiTetra Gas® is infused into water, it creates Polarized Water. This crystalline-like structure also is enriched with electrons. Negatively charged electrons (or polarization) reduce both surface tension and clustering of water molecules thereby improving cellular absorption as well as preventing the clumping of blood.

The primary Commercial Markets for the WIT Technology Licensing include:

  • Water Purification, Conservation and Desalination (more clean drinking water for our thirsty World)
  • Food Production (hydroponics and aquaculture)
  • Holistic Health (respiratory therapy, detoxification, retina revitalization, hydration and redox signaling, or channeling, for immune system support)
  • Topical Burn Relief, Wound Care (human and animal) and Sanitation
  • Cosmetics (refreshing aerosol sprays for topical healing, facial wipes used in cleansing and makeup removal)
  • Fuel Hydration for Improved Engine Performance and Lower Emissions

Here is a selection of companies that have entered into licensing agreements with us:

AquaNew, LLC

RK Mechanical, Inc.

Florida Integrative Medical Center

Sarasota Medical Products, Inc.

Delphi University

Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Inc.

OZA Essentials

Mountain Medicine

WIT® Machines that generate the gaseous high-energy form of water are available for operation under licensing agreements. Our exclusive, worldwide machine manufacturer is RK Water, a division of RK Mechanical, Inc. The WIT® machine design is scalable to the application and can be custom to your own business needs. For more information on the WIT® Machines and licensing opportunities, please only call WIT International, LLC (888-936-2782 ET) and not our licensed machine manufacturer RK Water. Note: neither machine sales nor home units are currently available.

Photo of 80-cell WIT® Machine
Photo of 80-cell WIT® Machine

Brochure on the WIT® Machines

Operator's Guide for the 10-cell WIT® Machines

Use licenses for WIT applications have been issued to product manufacturers including bottled water, advanced wound care, ostomy and antibiotic wipes. Our first licensee is AquaNew, LLC that manufactures Polarized Water under the brand name of Watt-Ahh® since 2007.

Selection of WIT Licensed Products

Selection of WIT Licensed Products

Results from ongoing research on the nature-based benefits of the WIT Technology can be found on this website as well as the Studies link of AquaNew's website.

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